Three drug traffickers jailed

Three drug traffickers have been jailed for running a network distributing illegal substances across Westminster.

Saed Gutale, Lloyd Brown and Max Daniels were all given prison sentences after they pleaded guilty to supplying Class A drugs and holding firearms.

Gutale and Brown, both 26, were jailed for six years while Daniels, 19, was given a 5 year sentence.

The three men were arrested during Operation Orochi in April 2021, when police discovered a stash of cocaine and heroin with a value of £35,000, as well as pistol loaded with ammunition.

Further investigations revealed that the men were line holders of two drug routes, the ‘Adam’ and the ‘TT’ lines, which supplied a combined 3kg of Crack Cocaine and Heroin, worth £23k per week.

A fourth suspect, 18, will also be sentenced for being involved in the network.

Police found a stash of drugs as well as this loaded pistol at an address in Westminster. Image: Met Police.

Since 2019, the Met has closed 1800 lines and arrested 3300 offenders. Over 90% of line holders detained through Operation Orochi have been convicted.

PC Jack Hardwick, who worked on Operation Orochi, said that the discovery of weapons alongside the drugs haul highlighted the connection between violent crime and trafficking.

He said: “We have taken down two more lines running in and out of London.

“Our communities suffer as a result of the violence and anti-social behaviour they face in neighbourhoods because of this criminal activity.

“The Met will relentlessly pursue those responsible for County Lines drug supply, bringing them to justice for their abhorrent crimes.”

On Monday morning, the Government announced it was banning nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, pointing to evidence that can cause physical harm.

While speaking in Essex to unveil plans to tackle anti-social behaviour, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, promised a ‘zero tolerance’ approach towards drugs and tougher sentences.

He said: “Drugs are appalling. Drugs are a scourge on our communities and young people.

“We should have tough sentences, we should be cracking down on the gangs and going up to the top of it.

“Drugs do completely ruin people’s lives, and that’s why we have zero tolerance of them.”

Main Image: Met Police.

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