Hyde Park Estate

Council bosses have denied plans for a possible LTN in the Hyde Park Estate area.

Speculation that a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood was being considered near the Connaught Village increased after a £249k budget was set aside for a possible scheme.

But the Council says there are no plans to introduce any traffic reduction schemes in the area, with the budget area being dismissed as a ‘labelling mistake’.

Instead, traffic calming measures are being explored on Connaught Street with a new raised table being considered at the junction with Kendal Street – the location of popular romance spot the Connaught Hearts.

The idea for an LTN north of Hyde Park was previously floated by the previous Conservative administration in 2020, when residents were consulted on a scheme to restrict vehicles in the Connaught Village.

But the idea was abandoned due to a lack of consensus amongst stakeholders, including the local residents’ association, although 200 residents signed a letter to the council in protest and formed a new group, Hyde Park Estate Residents (HyPER).

The previously established Hyde Park Estate Association (HPEA) had opposed an experimental LTN, saying it would ‘kettle’ residents into small areas and restrict access points.

LTNs have something of a controversial reputation. Proponents say they reduce noise and improve air quality and public health, while critics argue that they block up streets and simply shift vehicles elsewhere.

Some residents however still resent the amount of through traffic that cuts through the estate rather than using surrounding main roads.

Paul Dimoldenberg, Cabinet Member for City Management as well as councillor for Hyde Park ward confirmed a consultation on new calming measures would take place later this month.

He said: “We will shortly be consulting on the Connaught Village Green project at the corner of Connaught Street and Titchborne Row.

“This is a long standing scheme which has been delayed by Covid.”

Both HPEA and HyPER have been approached for comment.

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