Xi Jinping will stress the need for developed countries to do “even more” to help the developed world in his contribution to COP 26.

The President of the People’s Republic of China, who is not present at the climate summit in Glasgow, nor will appear by video, will release a written statement imminently.

His statement will say: “Developed countries must not just do even more themselves, but provide even more assistance to developing countries.”

Details emerging through China state news service CCTV indicate that he hasn’t made any new pledges, although he is to restate commitment for peak carbon emissions by 2030.

He also cited an ancient Chinese phrase “to govern through reason”, and referred to his country’s long history of “strengthening”.

There are also references to investment in green technology such as wind power, with a tone struck that economic development can aid the world’s climate recovery, while calling on developed countries to assist the developing world in making their economies greener.

More information to follow.

Main image: Flickr.

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