Paul Mason manslaughter

A man has been jailed for the manslaughter of millionaire City executive Paul Mason following a retrial.

Steven Allan, 35, was sentenced to 3 years and 19 months in prison after pleading guilty to harming Mason, 52, at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

Allan was previously found not guilty of murdering Mason, who died around six months after being assaulted in the West End after a row over a mobile phone.

But a spokesperson for Mason’s family said that despite accepting the result, it was ‘immensely disappointed’ with the verdict.

He said: “We are immensely disappointed that the jury did not all see the intent to cause serious harm that most people who saw the CCTV concluded. We really hoped he would get a life sentence, but we must try to accept the jury’s decision. At least he imprisoned Paul and we can start to move forward a little.

“No parent or sibling should have to sit and watch their loved one slowly die as we endured once his life support was turned off six months after the attack. He was not ill or old, another man took his life. We hope he feels the shame and guilt of his actions every single day until he takes his last breath. Forgiveness does not seem possible right now.”

Mason, who was the CEO of the Qatar National Bank, was found unconscious at Cambridge Circus on December 15 2020. It was later discovered that he had been punched to the ground by Allan who believed he had stolen his phone. Mason died in hospital months later.

Allan, from Hampshire, ran off after the incident, but was tracked by CCTV.

DCI Wayne Jolley said: “Paul Mason’s death tragically illustrates the consequences of resorting to physical violence. Even where there is no murderous intent, there is no guarantee that a violent attack won’t result in death.

“Mr Mason’s family are devastated by this incident. Paul was an innocent victim of an unprovoked attack which resulted in a serious brain injury. They have had the unenviable experience of a trial and a retrial but have acted with dignity throughout. Our thoughts are very much with them today.”

Image: Met Police.

One thought on “Man jailed for manslaughter of banking executive Paul Mason following retrial”
  1. It’s good to see justice being delivered in cases like these. Allan deserved to be held accountable for his actions, and it’s important for victims and their families to see that the law takes these incidents seriously. Hopefully, this ruling will provide some closure and help them move forward.

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