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A Soho strip bar is threatened with closure after damning police reports revealed drink spiking and scams robbing patrons of over £30k on the premises.

Vanity Bar and Nightclub on Carlisle Street is being investigated by the council following evidence from the Met Police showing a total of £250k had been stolen from customers, many who report being drugged or losing their memory on site.

Westminster Council suspended the night club’s licence on December 15 following a police recommendation.

One incident in late November detailed a man entering the bar at 1.20am and buying a drink after which he had no memory of what happened. He woke up the next day on a street near his home address to find that over £14k had been withdrawn from his account.

Police also reported that the manager of the “gentleman’s club” failed to show the correct CCTV footage, although videos seen by officers did show evidence of dancers coming into physical contact with customers.

A total of ten incidents have been recorded in the venue in the last year, with the premises showing “no clear indication that they are willing to cooperate with police”, the report said.

Vanity, which is located on the basement to the first floor of 4 Carlisle Street, advertises itself as London’s best lap dancing club and self describes as “perfect for entertaining clients, incredible stag nights or just a spontaneous visit”.

Other cases describe people as being made intoxicated or drugged while on site and up to £30k being withdrawn from their bank accounts while they were unconscious.

Screenshots of CCTV also showed dancers lying on customers in booth areas, with other explicit activity caught on camera. The venue’s licence states that performers should not touch customers.

Online reviews also suggest suspicious behaviour at the Soho strip bar, with one from four months ago saying: “Avoid completely. Card scammers. So aggressive and rude once you are in. Nasty and racist.”

Councillors will decide whether to permanently revoke the venue’s licence at a hearing on Monday.

Image: Google street view.

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